The Importance of Freshwater Species

Water is the source of life as we know it. Its many special properties are necessary for its many purposes. Life is only possible where liquid water is present. Water covers more than 71% of the earth and makes up more than half the mass of living organisms. Not only is water necessary for our lives as humans, it is also necessary for the plants and animals we eat to grow and survive. Freshwater habitats are the source for several of these. Some communities’ drinking water comes from freshwater rivers and lakes. Many freshwater fish that we eat all the time live in these same environments, in addition to macrophytes (plants you can see with the human eye) that we enjoy looking at and eating. Many freshwater habitats also serve in recreational capacities. This blog will cover some of the physical attributes, characteristics, species, and activities that make up and shape freshwater habitats.

Some of the above information to me is information that is second nature to me because I’m a senior biology major. Other information is what i learned taking Dr. Huryn’s Freshwater Studies class (BSC 320) during the Fall 2013 semester. The picture that accompanies this blog was taken from


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